Thursday, 15 May 2008

Laser Over Hope Street

An important part of the installation is the visual impact of linking the two Cathedrals by laser. The red laser which we are using to transmit the voices and sounds is invisible to the naked eye.

We have been conducting experiments using a green laser with our partners Lairdside Laser and Laser Quantum. The above slide show demonstrates the visual impact we want to create in linking the two Cathedrals along Hope Street. We believe this visual impact will greatly enhance the presence of the project and lead to people taking more notice of what we are trying to achieve. We would also want people to be sufficently interested by the visual laser to take part in the installation.

We have also been discussing the possibility of a greater visual impact by modulating the green laser with the energy of the voices we are generating.

We must thank Chris McCarthy for the stunning photographs in the slide show and are new banner for the blog.

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