Friday, 12 September 2008

Hive Twilight City 3: The Spectacular Suburb 13/9/08

Just found out that the above is sold out!!!

Hive Twilight City is a series of four high profile audiovisual performances over the course of 2008 paying tribute to a potentially overlooked part of Liverpool's essence: its industrial and business buildings, its bricks, Liverpool the space - the iconic and mundane, the city centre and the suburb. Each event will work as a celebration of existing city structures as the city itself moves onwards, a snapshot prior to the city’s ongoing mutation into a premier 21st Century City. In each event familiar sounds are reworked, familiar sights distorted in a feast of the best in new electronic music and state of the art projected visuals.

Saturday 13 September 2008

Matthew Herbert
Chris Watson
Hive DJs + VJs

the Bluecoat
School Lane
Liverpool L1 3BX
8pm - 10:30pm

Tel: +44 151 702 5324

SOLD OUT (totally)
The Hive Collective has commissioned two of the world’s most accomplished sonic pioneers, Matthew Herbert and Chris Watson, to collaborate on a unique composition constructed entirely out of recordings from Crosby Beach – the site of Antony Gormley’s Another Place installation.

A one-off event at a specially prepared performance space within the Bluecoat will see Watson explore Another Place through a series of source recordings, followed by Herbert’s presentation of a brand new musical composition based on those recordings.

By considering what these impassive iron men ‘hear’ as they gaze on the changing seascape and a changing Liverpool, the audience will, in turn, be encouraged to reimagine both the installation and the surrounding area, as well as reflect on how definitions of place vary, yet hold a truth, as they pass from person to person.

Challenging yet accessible, the event aims both to introduce new audiences to music composed from field recordings, as well as explore questions relating to what can constitute ‘music’ in a city dominated by more traditional definitions of authenticity.

About the Artists

Matthew Herbert
Restless innovator, sampling wizard, classically trained pianist and superstar collaborator, Matthew Herbert is one of electronic music's most versatile and prolific figureheads. Herbert has produced and remixed artists as diverse as Björk, REM, John Cale, Roisin Murphy, Yoko Ono and Serge Gainsbourg. An alchemist of avant-garde sound in the tradition stretching from Stockhausen to the Aphex Twin, Herbert combines playful pop sensibility with a strictly imposed experimental agenda.

Chris Watson
Chris Watson is a world renowned sound recordist and one of the pioneers of UK electronic music. Chris has travelled the world exploring the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and atmospheres for some of the BBC’s most popular natural history programmes, such as Life in the Undergrowth, Talking with Animals, Big Cat Diary and The Life of Birds for which he won a BAFTA . Beginning his career as a musician in the Sheffield band Cabaret Voltaire, he has released three solo CDs through Touch.

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