Monday, 1 September 2008

Sound And Light To Unite Cathedrals

The project features in this morning's Liverpool Daily Post. Vicky Anderson the Daily Post's acting Arts Editor recently interviewed Peter Appleton and Colin Dilnot from the project and this is what she has written in today's paper:

THE hopes and aspirations of the people of Liverpool will travel the length of one of its most inspirational streets as part of a striking new art project.

The Hope Street Project is an innovative art installation which will link Liverpool’s two cathedrals with light and sound throughout the autumn.

“Voices travel as light” is the idea behind the piece, as it will use two lasers – one that will be visible during hours of darkness, and a second invisible beam carrying voices and sounds between the two cathedrals.

The visible laser will be turned on from September 25.

Following on from that, recorded sounds travelling along the other beam will vibrate the strings of a guitar, creating a chordal and harmonic backdrop to the delicate tapestry of voices which will be heard in both cathedrals at designated times.

This is where the need for outside help comes in, as the team behind the project are appealing for volunteers to contribute the phrases – a word, a sentence or short poem that describes what you hope for in life – that will be added to the mass that will resonate in both cathedrals, travelling along the sonic beam between them.

The overall sound created will offer a gentle and discreet ambience for reflection and contemplation.

Visitors to the cathedrals will be able to hear the sounds created by the installation in both Cathedrals at designated times.

Organisers have already held special events to get people involved and anyone interested can add their voices to the project, by emailing a message to, or you can drop into either cathedral at designated times to record it (details can be found at the websites below).

Project manager Colin Dilnot said: “It’s about aspirations and the aspirations of the people of Liverpool. That’s why we wanted to do it in 2008, at such a time of optimism.”

All the software has been made specifically, and the Hope Street Project will go live the week beginning October 25 and culminate with a concert with choirs at each cathedral.

“The Anglican takes on a unique quality to the space, because of the fantastic acoustics there. If you go to the Metropolitan its sounds different again".

“The project is interesting as it is about how the sounds we are creating interplay in very different buildings. People are going to be intrigued by it.”

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Vicky Anderson

Big thanks to Vicky Anderson and the Liverpool Daily Post for publicising our project.

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